Ubuntu 16.04 Review

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My review of Ubuntu 16.04. To download, visit http://www.ubuntu.com/

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16 thoughts on “Ubuntu 16.04 Review

  1. When I was struggling to reinstall Windows I used Ubuntu for some time ans really liked almost everything about it. It's unfortunate more games don't work on Linux otherwise I'd probably make the switch

    Fantastic video

  2. I really loved this review. I'm getting my new gaming computer for Christmas and one of my friend just got Ubuntu for his. I was thinking about it and this video has really helped me learn more about it.

  3. I've been thinking about checking it out again ever since I started having a plethora of SVC host issues in Windows 10 not to mention the blasted Windows Modules Installer/Update constantly poppin up and pigging out as well. I'd rather Korora BUT I never got the updates on that to install properly.

  4. Hi! (waves like a loon) A million years ago a housemate of mine turned out to be one of the wonderful folks who test drive Linux, shredding it up to find any and all glitches. Bless him. There I was with my second hand little HP laptop. Loaded up with that old nightmare, VISTA!!!! I am someone who just barely understands how to use a manual can opener. So guess how I was dealing with the situation. Bernard (marvy housemate) had spent months pulling viruses and crap out of my Vista ridden HP. I basically had permanent ownership of his old loaner laptop. He even got an expert friend of his to spend some free time trying to see if my laptop could be saved. Nope. Finally he sat me down and explained that Vista had killed my poor little HP, and the only hope it had was to rip out Vista, and install Linux. I blinked a bit, said "Hunh?"
    So Bernard scuttled off and spent about three days getting that Vista crap out of my little laptop, and loading up Ubuntu. I am not a rocket scientist or a programmer. I can just about turn a computer on and off. Any training in computers I have had has been on Windows. But Lordy, Ubuntu works for me.
    I have my first new laptop, a nice Asus. Came with Windows 10. I could handle Windows 7. But this 10 is more than I can deal with. And the scammers have been slipping in the "errors", hoping to get money from me. Ha! I am on disability and can't afford anything!
    I wanted to know if the new version of Ubuntu would work for me. My computer store will rip out W10, and install Ubuntu for me. And from your review I see a lot of stuff that will work for me. Am smug because this Ubuntu includes an office and exel package that Microsoft would want me to pay for.
    I have taken up enough of your time. Just wanted to say thanks for backing up my decision to go for the new Ubuntu and remove W10. I will watch out for more of your vids.

  5. That was one of the best overviews for "new users" that I've seen in quite some time. You kept it simple and easy for anyone to understand, and moved through your "talking points" and visual presentation at a nice even pace. You kept your own "personal preferences" to a bare minimum and presented them with a fairly "even handed" approach.

    Not a bad "template" for producing a helpful and informative overview.

  6. Is there any chance to get "unity drawers" or "unity launcher folders" working under 16.04 ? "unity launcher folders" was working fine under 15.10.
    Why doesn't canonical implement sidebar folders in the basic ubuntu setup ?!?!
    Thanks in advance !

  7. I'm using Lubuntu 14.04 for about 2 years. on my new computer bought without OS.I am an x-patriot from windows and will never go back. (Trying to download 10 overheated and destroyed my computer.Not cost efficient to fix it.) Getting prompted to upgrade to 15.04. OK to upgrade? Second question: What would be a good OS for a 11.5 inch Lenovo 4G/300 GB bought on line with OS 7. Willing to dual boot.

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