Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon – Compiz Fusion Default

Ubuntu 7.10 Compiz-Fusion default
G5-ISH and Divinorum

20 thoughts on “Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty Gibbon – Compiz Fusion Default

  1. so, i DONT need Gnome?
    Im new to Linux, how do you install this, could someone go into detail with a tutorial?
    I odnt get how it runs, does it just install like Winblows XP would? does it require an OS Emulator? PRETTY PLEASE EXPLAIN!

  2. so as soon as i download and install ubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon, it will be like that? i wont have to install anything extra? i wont have to do loads of stuff like: sudo apt-get install?

  3. me de uma forca ja uso o ubuntu a 2 anos mais depois que eu fis o upgrade pro 7.10 o beryl sumil com os botoem de minimizar e maximizar e fechar tem alguma ideia ja fis tudo que eu podia help lets make linux work perfectly for all human and another ano are you using gsopcas? valeu

  4. eii, is nice, could you tell me the name of the program that you use to listen music and wacth tv and watch films?, I saw your video and I really want to have them, I use XMMS to listen music, Totem for watch films and Zatoo for tv. Thank uuuuu!!!!!!!

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