Ubuntu + Compiz + VirtualBox = MAGIC (+howto)

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Short demo of how you can seamlessly integrate a windows virtual machine into a Linux (Ubuntu) desktop, and make it look good. I used Ubuntu (7.10 Gutsy), Compiz and Innotek VirtualBox (1.5.2).

I’m currently writing a full howto, which you can find here:

You can download the wallpapers I used (and made) here:


20 thoughts on “Ubuntu + Compiz + VirtualBox = MAGIC (+howto)

  1. @ANILKIRAL It is a program witch runs oprateing systems on it. you nead a copy of that oprateing system and you can make some changes (eg.change the ram) and you can install the os in their

  2. @squarechannel
    Yes it will use RAM for the host OS (in this case Ubuntu) and the guest OS (windows). If you run windows apps under wine, you dont have this issue.

    What you see in that video was done on a 2GB machine though. Ubuntu needs ~300 Mb, XP a similar amount. Leaves plenty for most apps.

  3. Hey could someone help me out i know how to burn data dvd and cd's and stuff liek that but i cannot find anythign on the ubuntu forums giving good advice on how to burn video dvd's that will play and a normal home dvd player can soemone help me out

  4. well, machan, its a thing that you can run another operating system, IN while u are using ur normal operating system(same time) just like playing a game while u are listening to music…

  5. Hehe, first thing what i thought was "where to get those wallpapers". But there are linked here ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice, thanx a lot! Now i gonna check out how you integrated the VM to the desktop ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well done!

  6. So let me grasp this properly… you have 3 viewports linux…. and 1 windows? Epic!

    I hope that is the case… and if it is…. I need you to finish that tutorial like yesterday…. i will wipe off my desktop to this.

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