Ubuntu – Expo Plugin Desktop Effect

Ubuntu has a desktop effect for viewing multiple workspace areas at once and manipulating your running programs between them. This is a walkthrough showing how to use it.

16 thoughts on “Ubuntu – Expo Plugin Desktop Effect

  1. Don't put expo under a key combination but use a mouse with an extra button.
    I use button 4 on my mouse and that works awesome. Switching between work spaces is may times as fast this way.

  2. man i got compiz but i can install the animations i nedd a new video card or ihave to download any kind of plugins before i intall 3d cube or any other feature casue wen i go to aperience of my pc and i try to put animations it ask me for an plugin how i get it.

  3. To everyone who say, what's the bar on the bottom?? Is the dock used in ubuntu, which is the same used in Mac Os. It's the cairo-dock, for me the best dock for ubuntu.

    Anyway, nice desktop dude.

  4. ubuntu? apt-get install compiz compiz-config-manager fusion-icon … job done 🙂 … i don't like ubuntu because it's too much easy… windows-like security settings :-/ … i like to set every detail in my config.. so i used Slackware on my comp.. but i sometimes use ubuntu on my laptop 🙂

  5. i have used ubuntu for a time because i really thought it was better than vista …but i have an ultimate gaming rig for about 1 year now, and speed isn't a problem for me.
    what i didn't like in ubuntu was the complication of the whole thing….don't get me wrong, i was born in ms-dos, so i konw comps (and windows) inside and out, backwards and forwards……but it took soo much to find out just how to install some software on linux, and how to do this and that is just to much clicks for nothing

  6. I do use ubuntu, and it runs much quicker than any windows installation I've ever had on this machine. With all the crazy features I like enabled including the one shown here, I'm using about 25% cpu time during normal use, which is about the same as with windows, which didn't have any cool features like this.

  7. this has nothing to do with this video but I REALLY need help with ubuntu, everything works on it exept the sound.
    I tried to instal a sound driver but it didn't work.

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