[Ubuntu] Low Volume Fix!

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I hope you find this helpful, it’s the first tutorial ive done.

Simply just open the terminal and type


and after you’r done make sure to save your settings by just typing

sudo alsactl store

It’s done!

If you got any questions, or wanna request something dont hetitate to do so!
Thanks for watching!

25 thoughts on “[Ubuntu] Low Volume Fix!

  1. Good tool. Not any help as all were maxed. I finally found my amp volume was turned down. Somehow tho, there are times I need more volume and it is running max, I've been thinking of getting an amp to put between the computer and the amp, something with around 3 – 10db boost. Would fix everything.

  2. Trying to fix a friends computer whose volume is too low, sadly i've already tried the mixer thru the terminal but it doesn't allow the mixer to be edited for his wireless surround sound system.

  3. I have volume now, thx, but I was not able to store the settings? Access denied. As well, I have to adjust the volume using the slider and my volume control dial on my computer does nothing?

  4. Last (ish) comment for now, found a better solution as I like gnome better (it feels more snappy).

    I simply run "kmix" from the terminal / command line when using gnome, to get the kde mixer instead. Then the sound volume is normal. Still just a work-around, as I have to start it every time. Also, I get 3 speaker icons in the system area… but it works.

    Btw haven't gotten around try the surround. Now I'm just back to a normal stereo sound level.

  5. Well I found a work-around of sorts:

    As luck would have it I had KDE desktop thingy installed, but I don't usually use it. Logging in to KDE fixed the low sound volume issue. Logging back in with Gnome de-fixed it.. I do have alsamixer after all, but it won't run, no re-installing of alsa stuff fixed that, nor reverting to an earlier kernel. Probably lots of things I did not try though, but I'd had it for now.

    KDE (Kubuntu) from now on!

    Thanks for the tutorial anyway!

  6. Thanks for the tip. Seemed very simple…

    Buuut…. in the usual linux way, it seems I don't actually have alsamixer? sudo alsamixer didn't work either. Also, /dev/mixer don't exist, a "mixer1" does, but I don't know how to use it.

    Just because I wanted to connect a 4-speaker surround instead of my old stereo PC speaker to my oldish Asus M2N-E-SLI, AMD Athlon 64×2 thing. Using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit.

    Actually I'm fed up with all this googling for solutions to each and every little trifle…

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