Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Full Review

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Here is a full review video of the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview that was just released for Nexus devices. I show it off on the Nexus 4, 10 and 7. This still has bugs and isn’t fully functional yet. Let me know what you think! Thanks for subscribing!

How to install on Nexus devices:

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38 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Full Review

  1. What about kernel on this thing? Does it run on Java like android? Will we see better performance on lower-end chipsets than android?

    PS: I believe it's open source so there will be no forcing into synchronisation or google+ or any specific accounts. 

  2. This OS is really interesting. I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can find an image, like ISO, to be able to install it on emulators, like Virtualbox. If not, is there any emulator so we can test it on a computer? I'm talking about Ubuntu Touch, of course.

  3. Can this be put onto any phone that uses Android at this current time (06/03/14) or is it just the Nexus 4, 7 and 10?
    i want to put it on my Sony Xperia S to see if it will give it a new lease on life?

  4. Greetings

    Does T9 or some kind of 0-9 writing keyboard exist in ubuntu touch? I'm so fed up with qwerty layout on phones these days. Does it support Dvorak layout keyboard? Have you tried to hook the phone up to a computer screen? If I understand it correctly this one of the special features.

  5. And before Android was dominant, iOS was the best. What if you had claimed iOS was already the best and there was no need for Android back then?

    You seriously need to think before you type. If there's no competition, there's no innovation and no new ideas. We need competitors to step up and show us why Android is obsolete.

  6. No real need for all these…Loose all the os type for mobiles and work on android its alredy the best today overall! Work on filtering trash spy apps in store! Another story to make plugs chargers same for all devices no matter wich brand you use! Make life easyer damn it! All the produced trash i see really annoys me!

  7. Hey thanks for the vid. I'm actually downloading the dev preview right now. I didn't realize how buggy and incomplete it was so thanks for the notice! Will it work on a non-GSM gnex? I'm hoping that it'll end up working out!!

  8. Actually the Ubuntu touch phone doe's have a terminal, but depending on if samsung or sony or any of the other big businesses that may take on the OS, depends whether you will see it on your ubuntu touch phone or not!

  9. I will be looking into this. I would love having the power of Ubuntu available to me. Interesting how everything is, like it or not, a variation on Apple's themes. I would like to see more original UIs someday.

  10. sorry i know this is petty but…. its oo boon too… ooh boon two not you bun too or you boon too… it says how to pronounce it in the website… sorry that just bugs me…

  11. excellent video, I am not really interest in the mobile interface but the desktop and media interface when you connected to an external screen. Is it possible for you to show us that part of so call ubuntu divergence mobile os because this is the only feature that set ubuntu for phone apart from the rest of other mobile os.

  12. Windows is a great system – at least on the computer. But the Windows Phone OS is crap. And this guy – tuscaniman25 – well – I think he is just not open for new OSses.

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