Ubuntu Unity Overview

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An informal guide to using Unity in 12.04. Designed for people who haven’t use Unity on Ubuntu before. I said “quick video”. I lied, it’s 27 minutes long 😀

34 thoughts on “Ubuntu Unity Overview

  1. This seems like a wonderful interface, I currently use the KDE Plasma one on my laptop and I have mixed feelings about it, it seems simple and convenient. I will definitely give Unity a try on a VM.

  2. I have my files well organised, but it's way faster to press Super+F and type cv than to open a file browser and navigate to Documents -> Personal -> CVs -> cv.doc

  3. switching workspaces with mouse? It is not really usable. Why did you not promoted shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+arrow for workspace switching and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+arrow for moving window between workspaces?
    But I like this tutorial.

  4. Wow, thanks Alan, that is an excellent tutorial. I recently moved up from 10.04 to 12.04 and wanted to know how to get rid of Unity, but after watching your tutorial I think I'll stick with it. It's a pity Canonical don't have some sort of tutorial packaged on the desktop as standard. Thanks for making this video.

  5. Thanks, Alan. It's good to see all the different ways to navigate around. I tend to keep using the ways I"m use too, but I hope to remember some new ways to get around now that I've seen them in action!

  6. You can install other desktop environments such as KDE, XFCE, LXDE etc and just not use Unity. If you absolutely don't want unity you could remove it of course, and all the lenses, scopes etc. Having the lenses doesn't prevent you from using your music the way you used to, navigating via the file manager though.

  7. Excellent, now how do I get Unity off of Ubuntu?

    I understand that there are those that want it, even need it.
    But in my world the "Music Lens" is ~/music/*

    i.e. Your lens, was once a folder, was once a directory and even had some obscure names long before that.

    Those of us who know those things, are hampered by these frilly-user-interfaces.
    Allow us our ROOT pass.

  8. Nice video popey, why am I not subscribed to you?…fixed. I personally knew most of this anyway since I've been using unity for quite some time now, but for someone new to ubuntu/unity this is an excellent intro to the interface…good job!

  9. This is a great video for anybody with basic computer skills to watch and learn how to use Unity. Excellent video, well made and thought out. The material you covered will surely help a lot of people that are not familiar with the Unity desktop.

  10. Very nice presentation and a no-nonsense one. It makes it easy to watch even with a low bandwidth connection. If you do get a chance, please do one exploring the HUD in a little more detail.

  11. Very good introduction. It is very imformative, but at the same time a bit boring.

    This is perfect material for making a nice introduction video with some background music and sectioning, just like OMG Ubuntu! videos.

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