Welcome to Microsoft Edge – the faster, more secure browser

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Welcome to the faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10! Microsoft Edge gives you new ways to find stuff, manage your tabs, read e-books, and write on the web. Add extensions to translate websites, block ads, manage your passwords, and much more.

Learn more at: http://bit.ly/041717yt

30 thoughts on “Welcome to Microsoft Edge – the faster, more secure browser

  1. But where do we download it? The Microsoft website seems to hide it away! Just tell us where to find it! Also will Edge give me 1080 HD quality pictures on for example Youtube videos? At present I use Internet Explorer 11 but it doesn't seem to let me see any quality HD above 720. Also will it be ok to use with Windows 7?

  2. it took too long for edge to become usable from its origional release date and even now i cant and wont use edge. I like edge when it works but until they let you open new tabs directly to your default home pager or page of your choice from the Add tab then they have stoped me from using it. Unfortunatly i have been asking for this with many other people since edge came out and still microsft ignores those voices. Its march 2018 and finally with all the rubish adverts on ie for edge, the edge button on ie forced on us, i have finally done what i never thought i would do, i have left explorer. I didnt want too but their edge forced menality and restrictions is just to many pushes to far. I use opera and its been very reliable. I can even sign into accounts like superdry or next and scroll properly, something even ie strugles with these days. Shame edge never got to where it needed to for me. now all i need is pc gameing to bcome big on a android or apple os and i can go to a full ecosystem that includes mobile.

  3. I really like Edge since the "Creators update" however the UI is too bulky. For a tablet that's fine but it is just a waste of space on PC. We should be able to adjust this.

    Edge is also still bad at detecting when I enter a password. Like YouTube for example. It doesn't ask me if I want to save my password.

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