Windows 10 April 2018 update coming soon to a PC near you

Getting closer to the release, will happen this month for sure

15 thoughts on “Windows 10 April 2018 update coming soon to a PC near you

  1. I have the Windows Build 17134.1 of course from the Insider program.I've removed myself from the Insider Program. I'm wondering if I have to rejoin the Insider program to get the Cumulative Update that presumably fixes the Settings bug BEFORE I take myself out from the Insiders Program or can I just get updates the normal way from now on from Windows Update??

  2. oh i wont rush it, in fact , if it crashes my pc, it will be another linux pc, windows 10 is ok, the whole problem is their mandatory updates and home 10 users dont get as much control on windows updates, sure i can set it on metered connection, sure i can pick /set a time when its most busy, sure i can disable the Internet connection, ha ha . only the windows 10 pro and windows 10 enterprise version get more control on the whole windows update , if i want more control on windows 10 updates , how it updates, i need to buy $$$ either windows 10 pro or windows 10 enterprise ….this simply is not fair . Linux is ok, i have way more control on how and when it updates, i am in more control, no operating system is perfect, nothing is immune. its mostly up to the user , and yet MS is trying to be the big brother and rip off artist at the same time……. shame on you MS. give us back full control on windows updates like we did on windows XP and windows 7(any version)

  3. I appreciate your work and that you try to warn us. But… Someday Microsoft will realize it is nice, polite and even helpful if they warn us an update is ready, should take __ amount of time to download and install — AND when would we users like to start the download? That way I can check my schedule and tell them a day and time (probably when I'm headed out shopping for a few hours, and not during a thunderstorm). But it seems they prefer to tempt class action lawsuits because they want to push updates on us on their schedule, regardless of when, and even if a home user or business is very busy and really needing their computers. It's not fun to be in a critical situation at a workplace and realize ones computer is suddenly so slow that finding and using carbon paper and adding machines (or old abacus) and US Mail ("snail mail"???) would be faster than anything MS can offer us in xxx hours or the next day (if it works at all when "finished"). We don't even get to choose what we want in the upgrade and we're not told if it will work with our nonMS software (or with MS software, for that matter). Is that any way to run a business?

  4. If everything goes well I am predicting it is going to be on Tuesday which in most cases they will also release cumulative updates for supporting versions as well since it's also the last Tuesday in April.

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