Windows 10 – Open ISO Files

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Want to mount an ISO or IMG file? I’ll take you through the steps on opening ISO files on your Windows 10 machine. There are several ways to do it and they’re all super simple.

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17 thoughts on “Windows 10 – Open ISO Files

  1. I have a machine with Win10 ProEdition installed but I can't see this "Mount" function in the right-click context menu. When double click an iso file Windows just asks me to choose which program to open iso file. In my case the solution is by right-clicking the ISO file, selecting 'Open with' and then selecting 'Windows Explorer'. The file mounts as a virtual drive.

  2. I'm trying to download a game.It's like a piece of paper (the thing that i have to extract) and it wont open… This video didn't help me at all 🙁

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