Windows 10 Stuttering Fix

Hopefully this will help reduce stuttering in game and possibly speed up your computer by helping to remove all the processes it take to send all that data to microsoft!

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  1. i know this is late but can anyone help? Im facing stutters in even easy to run games like cs go and osu, sometimes even spotify have stuttering buzz sounds. Im curently running a gtx 1060 6gb, Intel core i5-7400 and 8GB ram. I also use a 2tb seagate hdd

  2. I've dual operating system in my pc. One is windows 10 and another one is windows 7. I played the game homefront in both windows. I'm using gt1030 4gigs ram and pentium g4400. The game stutters in windows 10. But when I play it in windows 7 the game runs perfectly smooth. I've tried what you've said but still it happens…So the problem is windows 10. AAAARRGGGG

  3. I had stuttering with Windows 10 Home, in my case after reboot, or wake from sleep it would be fine, but then after running for a while, you would notice video micro hesitations, the absolute way to prove it happening is open the dialog for screen saver, and choose 3D text select time or whatever. Even in the non preview mode without full screen, you could see the text stalling in its revolutions. There was no issues, or systems errors in the event logs, and all the CPU and memory and other subsystems gave no indication of being over utilized. [ANSWER] In the end it turned out that a memory replacement of both dual channel memory solved the issue. Makes sense that all these steps listed on this thread reduces memory, and CPU resources. Or does it? New systems today have multi cores, so they rarely have utilization issues of the past, and wouldn't have problems if they are idle at 1% running one video. Your memory is in the GB today as well, so unless your system has a memory leak or running some rendering program or game. You wouldn't even start to page. Your mouse or videos shouldn't stutter if all your subsystems are at minimal levels. So my old memory was not having problems on Windows 7, but Windows 10 may use the dual channel memory different and may need closer tolerances. I went through all the driver updates, and motherboard utilities, and still the same, finally I rationalized that it couldn't be processor bound and had to be memory, so I checked the pagefile and checkdisks for errors. I bought replacement new memory and added to my existing memory… same problem. I removed my old memory and voila! Smooth sailing NO STUTTER. The old memory ran, and could execute intensive benchmark utilities, without a fault. It was however marginal for Windows 10, and caused an annoying hesitation after 30 seconds from reset.

  4. Just WOW Thank you So much!!! funny thing i never comment on videos or like nor dislike but I have been looking for something like this for ever …. Reason why is because when i play BF2142 i Rubber-band because windows 10 likes to download random shit…. Again Thank you …..

  5. i just baught a new laptop today dell inspiron 7000 series it had gtx 1050ti 5400 rpm hybrid harddrive 8gb ram core i7 and i get stuttering on gta 5 i lowered the settings to lowest possible and it still stutters like everytime i crash a car or explosion happens i get stuttering and even audio stuttering

  6. If this doesn't work check your Power Plan settings. I had this problem and it resolved itself, I don't know why or how. The problem re-emerged and this time I did a Reset on my PC, it didn't help. After I installed some motherboard program (AI Suite) and edited the Power Settings (video performance etc) it seems to have fixed it.

    I am convinced my problems were to do with Energy Saving programs and Power Plan settings conflicting.

  7. still stuttering with assassins creed iv @ high settings…. my specs is core i5 6th gen with 8gb of ddr4 RAM and Palit GTX 1050 ti but my monitor is a benq DL2020… so is my rig the problem or my monitor????

  8. i reinstalled windows 10 like yesterday i started to notice that if i ALT TAB while in game my pc will suddenly stutter like crazy
    i never had this problem on my previous windows Like NEVER
    i tried reinstalling drivers and such but still didn't work it always stutters after i ALT TAB

  9. After i disabled them and clicked apply and closed the program, all the stuff i disabled are back to normal again, even though i clicked apply???? did this happen to you

  10. i have a toshiba satellite and this didnt help my audio situation. i'll just learn to live with the issue until i buy a new computer.

    thanks for trying though. i have read mutliple forums threds and alot of people are repeating the same thing over and over. i may just 'downgrade' back to windows 7.

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