Windows 10 – WILL IT WORK WITH SKYRIM?! Tips

Intro music:
Hey guys, I just want to do a quick video wondering will it work with skyrim??? Enjoy and Thanks for watching!
Tips to try make Skyrim run on Windows 10:
Try using LOOT (to sort out load orders and comes up with any possible errors it may have):
this is also a awesome guide to follow, stopped my CTD’s and gave a stable frame rate:…

25 thoughts on “Windows 10 – WILL IT WORK WITH SKYRIM?! Tips

  1. Intro music??
    Also I am having a problem with Fallout: New Vegas I am using windows 10 and playing it on Steam whenever I launch the game it says it has stopped and shiz, sooooo basically it keeps crashing when I want to play, which sucks ass because I want to shove my power fist in Caeser's asshole. Tips?

  2. I heard that windows 7 and windows 10 are very similar and then if a game is incapable of being on windows 10 there is combability mod? Something like that, and it is automatically functioning when a game is non-playable at windows 10. Is this true? If this is true does it mean that every game that don't have recommended OS windows 10 will it be playable with in windows 10? (My computer is :PSU XFX TS SERIES 550W, VGA SAPPHIRE RADEON R9 380 NITRO 4GB GDDR5 PCI-E RETAIL, SSD CRUCIAL 240GB 2.5" 7MM SATA, HDD WESTERN DIGITAL 1TB CAVIAR BLUE SATA3, ASROCK B150M-HDV RETAIL, RAM HYPERX 8GB, CPU INTEL CORE I3-6100 3.70GHZ.). Please answer me?

  3. The only problem I have is that loot doesn't even open on windows 10 for me. I click on it to open it and nothing happens. I went through the compatibility troubleshooting and windows told me it was an incompatible program 🙁

  4. Check this…

    Finally the stutters are over.. I only use the Antilag file cause the DLL file that i use comes from ENB Boris. So i tryed only the Antilag file and tweaked this within this file.

    Works perfect. No more stutters. I tried everything else that i could find about this bug. Nothing seemed to work. And then i came across this and
    finally… IT WORKS….

    I'm using Windows 10. This could be the windows that started the stutters. But now no more

  5. Hello!
    I recently installed Skyrim on Windows 10, and downloaded a few mods via Nexus Mod Manager. I run it with SKSE, and did everything else I did on Windows 7, back then it worked, but it just won't work now. :/ Idk what to do.. When I open LOOT, the mod files aren't there, but I am pretty sure I've installed all of them. Help???

  6. For anyone not being able to save their game try creating a homegroup in network and internet. For whatever reason even though I had admin rights it wouldn't allow me to change the read only option for folders and sub folders. Also right now my frame are so low I can't even play the game. Was working fine under Window 7.

  7. my game is not even launching properly! i click on play and it starts to go then loops back to the launcher menu!? how can i fix this, i just upgraded to windows 10 today.

  8. I'm so looking forward to Windows 10! I have Win 8.1 gaming laptop and it is indeed able to run my precious TES:V. It doesn't do it on full settings though. I really do hope there'll be a noticeable and positive change in performance.

  9. Hey, nice video! I am trying to run skyrim via steam on windows 10 build 10074 but the game doesn't start if I don't run it in compatibility (win 8) mode. When I do this the game runs but with some bluish transparent-like bezels around the game. I have already set Skyrim to run in full-screen 1080p. Any ideas?

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