Windows 10 | Xbox Streaming Tutorial!

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WHAT IS THIS GOING TO DO FOR YOUTUBE? So much! Users that may not have had access to get a capture card like an elgato or the HD PVR can now record videos or even stream to twitch from their Xbox One DIRECTLY from their Windows 10 PC. This is a Tutorial on how to set that…

21 thoughts on “Windows 10 | Xbox Streaming Tutorial!

  1. To record this You press the windows button, then press g at the same time, you get this game bar, you press that red button then you can record it, to check it out go to game DVR

  2. Plz help my xbox doesn't appear in the connect your xbox one menu i have my pc on wired and xbox on wireless don't know what to do to get my xbox connected plz help!!!

  3. Hey I started streaming my gameplay than when I stopped it I can't find it anywhere I look everywhere to. It said I needed stuff do actually stream and be saved on my capture. But I do have the have the needs to have windows 10 and I got it now and for some odd reason I just couldn't find my streaming video. Even when I tried to click the option for 2 hours streaming it doesn't let me.

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