Windows 7 Aero Peek

Windows 7 Aero Peek

32 thoughts on “Windows 7 Aero Peek

  1. If those are the applications you "use the most", you're hardely a power user or geek worthy of giving this kind of presentation. What I see for applications are almost total crap. Why don't you guys do something useful and for once finally keep icon positions getting fucked up on the desktop at random and moving about, as well as inside folders.

  2. fck off all those that hate windows:))) The difference between windows and the other so praised OS is marketing. You losers that say shit about MS are just a bunch of envious people. With all your open-source blabla, free programs and stuff like that and you are not able to make those OS more popular… How come, losers?

  3. I have a problem with my aero peek.
    When i put the curson on it, it displays a preview, so far as it's meant to be. but in pages with flashplayer such as youtube, it show the video up to down.
    Does anyone has a solution?
    i'd be really greatful if you help me.

  4. @TheUberDeity I would check the site if I could get onto it! In Chrome and IE it just stays as a blank page every time I click on the Mac section. Must just be the UK site if yours works okay. I'll check on it soon, if it works…

  5. After windows installed the driver too of course, but I guess you can't read that. Oh wells. You don't have to believe me, that's your prerogative. Just troubles me to see you make some outrageous claims about linux, like it having poor device support, and hard to use. Apparently since I'm such an idiot, and I can and do use linux, linux must be that much easier then? Oh wells, you have your opinions, I have mine. I won't waste anymore of your precious time that you could be making a new OS with

  6. Ironic that you call BS on me since my sister can install ubuntu linux (which any person that has an average IQ and can read can do). And then you go make a claim that your a programmer since the age of eight. Oh yeah I'm totally full of shit.

  7. Such an emotive defence. What software did you program at age 8? I can say I began programming at 7! Woot I'm not superior! Slipstreaming an OS isn't hard at all. Unless your claiming you made your own OS. (Actuallyhad to slipstream a custom version of XP to get the SATA driver, and also needed some other drivers along with put in software that I use). Anyone can make these claims that you have been making. Provide some evidence please. I provided a screenshot of my mouse problem.

  8. An asshole? Oh! Okay thanks for the advice, i'll watch out for people like you next time. You clearly by claims you have made know very little about linux or mac. I wonder just how much you know about windows after going through a pissy fit after saying I had to restart my computer after plugging in my USB mouse and it installing the driver. Also anyone with an average IQ can run ANY operating system. It bugs me when people tat clearly haven't even tried make outrageous claims like you have.

  9. I never said it didn't work, it simply said that a reboot was necessary. Also you shouldn't have to have a reboot with a "good" operating system after even installing special mouse software for gaming mouses either. I manage a linux server, after updating and installing hundreds of things, its been up for 400 straight days. Stop trying to pick on linux just because you don't know what your talking about. I guarantee you I know more about linux than you, and computers in general.

  10. Well then why the fuck did windows 7 prompt me to restart and the only thing i did was plugged in my new USB mouse?

    Well I guess everyone in this planet isn't as stupid as you. Installing ubuntu is a cake walk. Sorry if you don't know how to click the next button a few times and wait. So sorry. Maybe you should take a reading class.

  11. U are so full of bullshit. Linux supports in incredible range of devices out of box without installing ANY drivers. I don't have to reboot my computer in linux just because I plugged in a USB mouse. I don't have to have a lot of patience. My 8 year old sister installed ubuntu linux and got it all working within 40mins on her netbook she got for christmas, and even installed a nice pink theme by herself. I guess she must be a super genius by your standards.

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