Windows 7 Installation Tamil

Hi friends,

This video explains windows 7 installation in Tamil language!! Hope this will easy to understand.
Please give your valuable feedback, so that i can reply back to you. If you want to know any other topics also i can give in Tamil/English.
Please suggest your friends to watch this. Thanks for watching

50 thoughts on “Windows 7 Installation Tamil

  1. super sir Nalla solikoduga sir.anna ku thayvai …Annaku system La virus Eppadi clean panna nu Apparama OS installal pandra thoo please sir sollu Ga Na onu onu Katu Therichi kuRa…Thank u.

  2. Now i am using XP i try to install windows 7 CD,
    After insert the windows 7 CD it asks install the files, when i click it after showing installing set up files it automatically come back to install files window.

  3. brother windows 7 softwere i install pandradha patri sollirindeerhal romba arumayaha irundadu…izukkaha windows 7 CD use panniya install pandradu
    azai patri konjam theliwu padutthungal

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